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Improve Revenue for Hangar Stacking

Increase Revenue

Efficiently planned stacking puts more aircraft in your hangars. More aircraft means more fuel sales, more maintenance and more service opportunities.

Reduce Costs for Hangar Stacking

Reduce Losses

Fewer and better planned movements significantly reduce your chances of a personnel or aircraft incident.

Efficiently Stack your Hangars and Ramps

Improve Efficiency

Our customers have reduced the number of daily movements by 20% or more. What could you do with that reclaimed time?

Maximize space utilization with Stax Hangar4caster

Hangar 4caster™

Anybody can tell you what your hangar or ramp looks like today. Only Stax with it's exclusive Hangar 4caster™ can tell you what it's looks like every day for the next year.

Realistic Hangar Stacking with TruTow


Stax keeps you honest with TruTow™. Don't create stacks on the screen that your line staff can't actually execute?

Avoid Losses from Hangar Rash with Stax CAD

Stax CAD™

Collision Avoidance and Detection (CAD) is key to providing a safe environment for your aircraft and personnel.

Easy to Use and Intuitve FBO software

Intuitive Interface

Because we devoted considerable resources to the user interface and design, Stax™ is easy enough to use that you could be benefitting in as little as 10 minutes.

Stack hangars and Ramps from the Office or on the Line

Mobile or Desktop

Plan your stacks in the office, on the ramp, in the line shack or at home on a comfy couch. Stax™ goes everywhere.

Easily share stacks with all personnel

Share Stacks

Being able to share high quality snapshots of your facilities gives you the ability to turn on a dime and add customers you would have previously missed.