A Management Tool...
not just a drawing program.


You can manage your stacking from a desktop in your office, or you can take our fully-mobile tool to the hangar or ramp.

Measures Stacking Efficiency

Color-coded feedback shows you your stack’s efficiency. Revenue fields allow you to measure financial performance.

Share Stacks

Keep everyone in the loop. Help the front desk help your clients and pilots by pinpointing the exact location of their aircraft.

Easy To Use

Very intuitive user interface requires minimal training to hit the ground running.

Track Details In Pop-Up HUD

See the details for each aircraft in a handy pop-up HUD screen. Make sure the line staff knows exactly what's required and when. New HUD design offers notes on hangars, ramps, and aircraft. Revenue tracking is now integrated into HUDs.

STAX™ Features

A brief summary of the key sections of STAX™. For a free on-line demonstration of STAX™, please contact us.

Features Included

Pilot Records and Duty Tracking

  • Crew Status
  • Pilot Documents
  • Flight and Duty Records
  • Training Records
  • Checking Currency
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • PRIA
  • Reports

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STAX™ delivers revenue, safety and cost benefits

Reduced Man Hours

It takes your mechanics mere seconds to arrange and rearrange perfectly-scaled stacking scenarios on our mobile app.

Reduced Overhead

STAX™ can save you 3-4 hours per day in laborious manual stacking. Higher efficiency means spending less money.

Improved Safety

Virtual stacking requires no wing walkers, whistles, or extensive cones, keeping your mechanics and line staff safer.

Increased Revenue

Efficiently planned stacking puts more aircraft in your hangars. More aircraft means more fuel sales, more maintenance and more service opportunities.

Reduced Ground Handling Incidents

Mistakes happen. Make them in our virtual hangars and ramps where they don’t cost you.

Improved Customer Service

STAX™ is easily used by a customer service rep or the front desk to identify an aircraft's location within your facility, streamlining the experience for your clients and pilots.

An Overall View

Review and keep control operations from your desk, an offsite meeting, or even from home. You don’t have to be on-location to accomplish needed hangar work.

A Top Down Look

STAX™ allows you to share the ins and outs of the operation; everyone from the front desk to executive staff can see what’s in your hangars and on your ramps.  No more physically chasing down the right answers – STAX™ is easy and accessible for all.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Stax™ Basic Site License
  • $3995 for One User
  • Additional Users $500 each
  • Includes all feature updates for one year
  • Includes all bug fixes
  • Renewable after 1 year at 50% off
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Sign up
  • Stax™ Event License
  • $349 for One User
  • Additional Users $50 each
  • Fully functional app for 30 days
  • Includes all bug fixes
  • Upgradable to Basic Site License
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Sign up

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